State of the Annenberg Center

State of the Annenberg Center
April 7, 2015
Rancho Mirage, CA

This afternoon, Michael Hite delivered an address at the Eisenhower Medical Center’s 43rd Annual Board of Trustees Meeting.

It is an honor to present to you an annual review of the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower, and highlight some of our past and upcoming activities.

I am new this year to the Annenberg Center, having started in mid-July, 2014. I have been fortunate to have a terrific board of directors, leadership team and staff who have made the transition into my position very smooth.

Likewise, I have been very pleased with the collegial reception I have been given by the Eisenhower leadership team members and staff I have interacted with. The Eisenhower Medical Center is truly a unique and special community and I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

We have been very busy at the Annenberg Center and I am happy to report that the Center is poised to record another profitable year.

This past year, we produced over 550 continuing medical education activities, both live and online, reaching not only the health care provider population of Eisenhower Medical Center, but also clinicians throughout the US and globally.

Some of our most innovative and proudest moments of the year include:

A symposium in Schizophrenia held during the 28th Annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association meeting and attended by 925 psychiatric nurses. The activity took participants through the lifespan of a Schizophrenia patient addressing issues related to patient engagement and patient preferences in therapy selection to sustain therapy across the lifespan.

We partnered with a technology company to create a Virtual COPD Patient Management Simulator program. This online program enables clinicians to learn and practice within authentic clinical scenarios. The program is built on a 3D game engine that challenges clinicians and evaluates performance in real time.

We created a Study Companion activity in Parkinson’s Disease that is modeled after an exam study guide and uses multiple choice questions to test current knowledge and the clinical application of clinical concepts. Each question is followed by an indication of how participants’ peers answered the question, plus an evidence-based rationale supporting the optimal answer presented by the faculty.

At Eisenhower Medical Center, we certified the first “Transgender Symposium” on the continuing care of the transgender patient. The educational activity, hosted in Palm Springs, was both well attended and well covered in the local press.

We also certified the Lucy Curci Cancer Center’s first Oncology Update which focused on disseminating the latest trends in cancer diagnosis and treatment to Eisenhower’s primary care clinicians.

We provided certification for the Eisenhower Medical Center’s highly successful Nursing Informatics Bootcamp which drew registrants from throughout the region.

And through the generous support of the Eisenhower Auxiliary and our Board designated funds, we presented the 9th Annual Leonore Annenberg Lecture presented by Dr. David Scrace on the topic of Happiness and Successful Aging which drew over 350 attendees.

Next January, we will be presenting the 10th Annual Leonore Annenberg Lecture and to honor that anniversary, we have confirmed Dr. Bairey Merz, a renowned cardiologist in women’s health from Cedar’s Sinai in Los Angeles to present the lecture.

We are also presently engaged in strategic planning as we look to build on our successes and ensure the organization grows and sustains while increasing our overall impact.

The Center has a proud history of providing innovative and relevant education to clinicians and patients to help them stay ahead of the rapid changes in healthcare. The values inherent in the late Ambassador Annenberg’s vision of the Center when he created it are encompassed in our new tag line, Imparting knowledge. Improving Patient Care.

I believe I speak for the Annenberg Center’s Board and staff when I state it is what we are passionate about, and what we challenge ourselves to deliver in every program we work on. Indeed, we take satisfaction and pride in complementing Eisenhower’s commitment to provide healthcare as it should be.

Thank You.

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